Ana’s Story

To our many donors in our wonderful community we would like you to know that your monetary and food donations do not go unnoticed or unappreciated to the many families in the 11-county service area that receive assistance from the Coastal Bend Food Bank. Your donations have made it possible for many families to put food on their tables to feed their families without your help it may not be possible. We would like to share a story from one of our many amazing employees at CBFB who was approached by a client at a local pantry. Please take the time to read her story and see how your donations change a life every day!

It’s me again with another story that I could collect from one of our partner agencies in Falfurrias! This woman saw me and asked if I was from the Food Bank. When I said yes, she immediately gave me a hug and thanked me for our work. Here is her story:
Seven-year-old Kaylie, like most first graders, is a big spunk of energy. She loves to run and play outside and ride her scooter. She can even keep up with the boys when playing baseball. There is one thing that Kaylie must deal with that no child should have to endure. Hunger.

Kaylie lives at home with her grandmother, Ana. It’s just the two of them, and they are very close. Ana, 70, works as a home health aide, and when there is no work, her company cannot pay her. Her current patient has been in the hospital for six months, and in that time, Ana has not received a paycheck. She’s had to sell her car to pay off bills and to provide for little Kaylie.

Being behind on bills, there is not nearly enough left over to buy groceries to last her the month. Ana does odd jobs, like cleaning houses, to get a little money to purchase milk, eggs, and other staple items. Recently, Ana found out about her local Coastal Bend Food Bank partner agency, New Covenant Church in Falfurrias. Here, Ana can get a box of food that will help her make meals for little Kaylie. “She is not picky! She will eat salads every day!” Ana laughs of her granddaughter. Kaylie is a vegetable lover and especially likes corn, carrots, broccoli, and even cabbage!

Ana admits that she will often skip meals if Kaylie gets something to eat. “She’ll come up to me and say ‘Oh grandma, I’ll share with you!’” While Ana is extremely proud how her granddaughter is growing up, she knows that without friends and supporters like you, Kaylie would go to bed hungry. “Thank you,” Ana says. “I’m very grateful.”
Story courtesy of Lauren Pfeifer, Agency Relations Coordinator.