Nutrition Education program

Nutrition Education at the Coastal Bend Food Bank (CBFB) serves to inspire change in food choices and behaviors of children and adults so they can live healthier lives. We emphasize a lifestyle rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, water and daily exercise, and strive to collaborate with other community partners for the same goal: ensure everyone has access to fresh fruits and vegetables.

Nutrition Education is partially funded by USDA SNAP-Education to deliver no cost, quality nutrition education through lecture, hands on cooking classes, and games for children to adults who are on SNAP or SNAP eligible. Classes are scheduled during the school day for children or after school. Adult classes can be hosted by any group consisting of 6 or more participants.

OrganWise Guys

OrganWise Guys curriculum is fun and interactive for grade school children (1st – 5th grade) and includes:

  • MyPlate “OrganWise Guys” Style
  • Pepto’s Place Where Every Serving Size is OrganWise
  • Smart from the Inside Out
  • Basic Training for Better Health
  • Undercover Health Agents
  • The Healthy Heart Challenge


Nourish curriculum is perfect for middle school and high school students who wish to learn more about how they affect the food environment through their choices:

  • The Story of Food
  • Seasonal, Local Foods
  • Food Traditions
  • Food and Ecosystems
  • Analyzing Food Ads
  • School Lunch Survey
  • Nourish Action Projects

Cooking Matters

Cooking Matters gets hands-on with healthy recipe selection, preparing and cooking; suitable for adults and kids. The 6-week course covers:

  • Week One: Let’s Get Cooking
  • Week Two: Choosing Fruits, Vegetables, and Whole Grains
  • Week Three: Healthy Starts at Home
  • Week Four: The Power of Planning
  • Week Five: Shopping Smart
  • Week Six: Recipe for Success

If you would like us at your school, or if you’d like to host an adult class please contact nutrition education manager Kate Hilliard, MS, RD, LD, CDE at (361) 887-6291 or email