Aransas Pass Distribution- Ana’s Story

Ana’s Story

In the small community of Aransas Pass many are still recovering from the effects of Hurricane Harvey since it made landfall 20 months ago in the Coastal Bend. Ana is one of many residents in the area who lost her home to Hurricane Harvey and is still trying to rebuild her life with her family. For 17 months Ana, her husband and son all lived in a one room shed with no running water and their only access to water was from a water hose. Their home was destroyed in Hurricane Harvey and they were unable to receive any assistance for temporary housing. Ana and her family made the best of their situation living in their makeshift home for a little over a year and cooking all their meals outside on a butane burner or barbeque pit. Everyday was a challenge for them not only with their living conditions but to try to get back on their feet after losing almost everything. Today they are finally in their own home with running water, electricity and all the small things we seem to take for granted. Ana heard about the mobile distribution from the teachers at the middle school and has been able to help feed her family with what she has received. “We’re not done and we still need help in the community, the help we get from the mobile food pantry has been very beneficial to our recovery.” Ana’s story is like many stories we hear from residents in the Coastal Bend since Harvey made landfall in 2017. Homes were severely damaged or destroyed leaving many to find shelter in other places or make use of what they had available to them such as tents, cars, or sheds. “There was no way to prepare for what happened after Harvey, families are still living in tents, we still need help.”

It’s been almost two years since Hurricane Harvey made landfall in the Coastal Bend and families like Ana’s are still recovering and rebuilding.  You can help to make a difference in the lives of everyday families who are food insecure. Visit the link below to learn how you can join the movement!  Join the movement with WalMart & Sam’s Club to help #FightHunger #SparkChange in your community.