Aspiring Artist and Sister Donate to Help Others

Young artist Abigail Humes and her sister Julia Humes held an Art and Lemonade sale at their home in September to benefit the Coastal Bend Food Bank.

The two sisters, who are homeschooled, were inspired after a trip to their local library where CBFB donations barrels were located to donate canned food for library fines. They wanted to know more about the Coastal Bend Food Bank and how they could help make a difference in their community so they began by researching how the food bank operates and how monetary donations help bring in more food to the community. Once they found out a $1 donation can create 7 meals they began planning their Art and Lemonade Sale.

We greatly appreciate their generous act of kindness to set up such an awesome event to benefit other children and families in their community. Abigail is only 6 years old and her sister Julia is 4 years old but they’ve already made giant steps towards making a difference in their community regardless of their age. It only takes a small act to make a big impact.

All the proceeds from Abigail’s Art and Julia’s lemonade sale were donated today which was an awesome donation of $212.50 which creates a whopping 1488 meals!

Thank you again to Abigail & Julia Humes for their most generous donation and to their parents for inspiring these young girls that it’s never too early to give back to your community!