Humes Sisters Fighting Hunger with Art

September  is Hunger Action Month and many Americans  are joining together with Feeding America and their nationwide network of food banks, like the Coastal Bend Food Bank to fight hunger. During this month we help to spread the word and take action on the hunger crisis and commit ourselves to find a solution.  Many people ask themselves how can they help? What can they do to make a difference?

Abigail and Julia Humes asked themselves those same questions three years ago and together with the support of their parents they found a way to help end hunger in their community.  The young sisters decided on holding a Sidewalk Art Sale selling their art,  handmade jewelry, and refreshments and donating the proceeds from their sale to the Coastal Bend Food Bank.  Abigail and Julia are our HUNGER ACTION MONTH HEROES for their continued support to the Coastal Bend Food Bank and their commitment to HELP END HUNGER in their community by advocating that NO PLATE BE EMPTY.

Everyone can be a HUNGER ACTION MONTH HERO by simply ADVOCATING, VOLUNTEERING, and DONATING. Together we can ALL ensure that No Child comes home to an Empty Plate.