Kleberg County Mobile Distribution

Arriving the day before a distribution is a regular pattern seen at many food distributions throughout the Coastal Bend. Many clients in need will arrive a day before distribution or hours before they are set to begin in order to ensure they receive assistance. The mobile food distributions are operated with the help of local volunteers from the communities where the pantries are held and overseen by the Coastal Bend Food Bank. Denise has been waiting in line since 9 pm the night before to receive food from the mobile food distribution that will begin at 10 am. Denise has been attending the monthly mobile food distribution for two years to help feed her family of eight that includes her husband, daughters, and grandchildren. The family lives on a very limited income and the extra assistance they receive from the mobile pantry distribution helps to feed the family when they may not have any extra income. “There are times when my husband doesn’t work due to the weather and we need a little more help, but I try not to make it something I do all the time but I do come when we need help.” The rising cost of food and not enough money make it hard for some families to be able to pay their bills and feed their families. For many families being able to receive that extra assistance is a great relief to them. “With the high cost of meat being able to receive some meat from the food bank helps out a lot for my family. Receiving fresh produce is also a big plus especially because I have high blood pressure and borderline diabetes. The mobile distribution is great blessing for me and my family.”

Many seniors in the Coastal Bend live on a limited income and rely on the assistance from the Coastal Bend Food Bank to help sustain them through the month. The Coastal Bend Mobile Pantry distributes to clients like Denise in the rural communities monthly. You can help in joining the movement to #FightHunger in the Coastal Bend with the WalMart and Sam’s Club. Visit the link below to find out how you can Fight Hunger & Spark Change.