Lucille’s Story

Lucille’s husband has been ill for the last few months, dealing with congestive heart failure leaving him unable to work and support his family. “It’s been an emotional and financial strain on the family because he has been the main breadwinner in the family allowing me to stay home and care for the children”, Lucille says. They’ve been told that he many never be able to return to work, which has Lucille now actively looking for work. Lucille’s husband has applied for assistance with disability but the process is lengthy and it will be a few more weeks until they receive a decision. In the mean time they do not have money coming into the home leaving them struggling to feed their family. The Bread for Life food pantry has been a big help to the family allowing them to feed their children. The pantry serves families and individuals in their zip code area and offers a grocery store style shopping experience, allowing clients to choose their items.  “I’m grateful for the food my family has been able to receive, we like that we can choose the food for ourselves and get chicken which is always easy to stretch into several meals for my family” she says.  Lucille says the food that they received from the pantry will allow them to rest a little easier for the next few days. “I’m grateful for the help from the pantry and sometimes you just have to put her pride aside to take care of your family,” she says.