Rockport-Fulton Good Samaritan Food Pantry

Every Friday morning Lee and Norma Williams with the Rockport-Fulton Good Samaritan Food Pantry visit their local Walmart Rockport as part of the Enabling Agency Program with the Coastal Bend Food Bank. The Enabling Agency Program began in 2016 which allows our Partner Agencies to pick up directly from our retail donors and take the donated items directly to their food pantry. The program allows the agencies to sort, inspect and distribute the donated products directly to their clients. Each of the volunteers is trained by the Coastal Bend Food Bank to learn how to properly inspect, store, and distribute food back into the community. On this pick-up, Lee and Norma are picking up a variety of food from bakery items, fresh produce, canned food, and frozen chicken just to name a few. Upon arriving at their food pantry, the duo immediately unloads the items to weigh each of the items by a category of bread, dry, frozen and other items to be reported back to the Coastal Bend Food Bank. Over the last five months, the volunteers from Rockport-Fulton Good Samaritan Food Pantry have picked up a total of 83,109 lbs of food to be distributed into the community of Rockport-Fulton. Our partnership with Walmart and other area retail stores is significant in helping to #FightHunger in the Coastal Bend. It is because of these partnerships and the support of community volunteers like Lee and Norma Williams that the Coastal Bend Food Bank can continue feeding families in the Coastal Bend. Together we can all help to #FightHunger and #SparkChange in our communities.
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