September is Hunger Action Month!

September is Hunger Action Month a nationwide campaign by Feeding America that brings in their networks of food banks throughout the country to mobilize and educate their local communities about the realities of food insecurities in the United States.

This year’s campaign brings to light the issue of the “Empty Plate” and “What You Can’t do on an Empty Stomach?”, such as a child who can’t function properly in school on an empty stomach. The purpose of the iconic symbol of the empty plate is to display and emphasis the awareness of what happens when stomachs are empty.

Many families in our service areas are food insecure and do not have the proper nutrition to help them sustain throughout their day at school or work. Not only does this campaign bring attention the realities that many Americans face on a daily basis it also promotes how we can get involved in the Fight to Help End Hunger in our Nation and Communities! So, the question is “What Can You do to Help End Hunger?” You can Advocate and Educate in your communities and bring more awareness to realities of hunger, volunteer your time at the Coastal Bend Food Bank or you can Donate ($1 makes a difference, for every $1 donated creates 7 meals).

You can also take action by Taking an Empty Plate Selfie, all you have to do is find a paper plate, write what you Can’t Do on an Empty Stomach and post a photo to your Facebook, Twitter & Instagram pages with #HungerActionMonth Tag @FeedingAmerica and @FoodBankofCorpusChristi to join the conversation. Hunger Action Day is September 8, 2016, this nationwide effort across our country is set up to mobilize our nation and make a greater impact nationally and in our local communities to Help End Hunger! Call us today at 361-887-6291 for more information on how to Volunteer or Donate!